Dear friends - we welcome you to the official website monopedigree the cynological kennel is engaged in breeding dogs breed Samoyed Dog (Samoyed).

Kennel "LUCE BIANCA STELLA" (translation from the Italian "White Star Light") - officially registered in UKU-FCI at the beginning 2011 under № 486/10.


- Permanent hard breeding selection and control of livestock, as well as a clear professional selection of pairs based manufacturers breed, health, stable psyche. Motocross and linear knit with leading manufacturers.

- The main objective in breeding the kennel is strict adherence to the official standard of the breed and preservation and consolidation of all the natural and physical qualities of the breed in its descendants. Also, the popularity of the breed Samoyed in Ukraine and throughout the world.

- Each puppy is issued the original puppy card puppy within the layout of the exchange cards puppy, which shall be signed by the curator, and personally aktirovschika owner and breeder kennel. All dogs born in our kennel have a distinctive prefix after the nicknames – "LUCE BIANCA STELLA". 

- We guarantee high quality growing puppies in the kennel, do the time and quality drugs graft quality and timely deworming pregnant bitches and puppies, feeding high quality forages and balanced natural food + vitamins and minerals, as well as the timely socialization of puppies.




Regards kennel